Running sprints and biking today

torsdag, maj 17, 2012

Great day today =)

Woke up a little to early today, since it's bank day here in Sweden.
I of course forgot to turn of the alarm, so had plenty of time this morning.

Rolled out At 9.30am to meet up with Christian at 10.00 in Kalhäll for some running.
Todays plan was warmup - 3 X 4 X 300m sprints.

My calfs felt a bit stiff but didn't hurt, warmup went fine.

We did also 3 80m sprints just getting some speed and stretching out the legs.

Lately I have been doing the sprints a little faster than Christian.
Not today, ran in with him on first 4 and then I kept loosing him with around 250m left.
He is in awesome shape so didn't that bad.

My time line was doing them just above 1 minute and I did all under except 1 that was spot on 1 min,
The other was between 52 and 58 sec. Approved.

In not really in shape, man I hope it will come any day soon.
Getting nervous here with 2 weeks left to Stockholm marathon.

We took a little longer cool down run and totally todays run ended at 14km.

Todays puls

Sprint start

Trying the waterhole, I look like you have thrown a turtle in the air, hehe

After i came home, took a fast lunch and then headed out with the road bike.
Or almost. I had a flat tire in front, so changed it first.

It was really fun. I miss riding.
Wish I was out more, but there is a time limit of what you can do.
After Stockholm marathon will probably give some more bike hours.

After the bike ride I had an total clean your house hour(s).
I don't know these always comes up on my day of, hehe

I was supposed to BBQ thing evening, perfect ending of the day.
But plans för changed.

Heading down to Stefan now for some awesome espressos and watching some bike race on tv.
Hopefully picking up a new chainring to my cyclocross also =)
He has been racing today and came in second and first together with his friend he was riding with.
Really great =)

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