Rest day with some soccer

onsdag, maj 09, 2012

Today was my second rest day and i really needed it.

Was down and fixed my legs, stretched out a muscle along my shin.
It was soo painful, hehe. But felt really good after.

After I came home I went and picked up Anton from kindergarden and fixed some dinner.

Then he wanted to play some soccer so we went out to an field with artificial grass.
When it's clean there it's really nice. To bad that there are a lot of teenagers drinking and
smoking around there on the weekends etc.

Tried takeing some more pictures with my new phone: HTC One S.
I really love this phone it's awesome. First phone I know of that has burst function.
Don't know how many but it takes a couple of pictures a second.

The ball came out quite cool.

After Anton went to bed I planned to do some stretching and watch an movie.
Hmm, still at the computer, ehhehe

But I finished creating an website, that I had to do. So that feels good.

Tomorrow running again, weeeee.

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