Only one month left to Stockholm marathon

onsdag, maj 02, 2012

Today is exactly one month left for Stockholm Marathon 2012!

For a couple of month ago, a bad day was like: It long time left, there is time to catch up.
Now is when everything should fall in place.

I feel like i have done my homework, and I shouldn't have any bigger problems
reaching my goals, but it's not going to be a walk in the park.

I have missed some training according to my schedule, but I get sick and I have my son that always comes before training. With that I think I've done pretty good.

Km since December

This is probably first time I have but so much effort and focus in one race.
Maybe because i failed twice and this time damn, i'm gona make it.
I have raced Scandinavian championship in Bmx etc, but never in so much energy in a race.

I still can get sick, it could be storm och +30c degrees, never now. But I have at least done my part. 

The benefits is i'm overall a better runner and that is showing in other races also.
Its not like i'm just doing this one and then jumping up on the couch. 

My goal is running it under 3.27, that would be an km pace of 4.55.
Nothing spectacular, my dream in to make an Marathon under 3 hours, but it set one goal at a time.

Today i had an short run on my schedule.
I like thoose, hehe

8km of easy running, should have run around 5min /km pace but faster on some parts.

Average pace: 4.43 (I think stupid watch)

My watch keeps dropping the pace and gets stuck, sometimes it thinks i'm even walking.
Really annoys me when stuff isen't working when you're out training.

Really nice evening today

I even found a little friend to run with, since we had the same pace =)

Meet Fred

A lot of running this week: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
Think around 75km totally. This week and next are the 2 last major weeks.
Then i'm starting to cut dow, and hopefully be at my best in one month from now.

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