Great taking is easy day with a special event

lördag, maj 19, 2012

Had a really nice day today, mostly in Stockholm visiting a friend.

Starting out with an good nights sleep is never wrong either =)

I started the day going to my LBS and discussing price on an bike.
Quite fun, I have bought seven or 8 bikes there now and it's the same
thing every time. Takes a couple of trips and I wind up paying more than
I can afford and he is not earning anything on it. At least what we say, hehe

But this time i stretched my economy a little, but i got a nice price on demo ridden bike.
You will have to wait until Monday to se what I got =). It has big wheels.

Always nice supporting your LBS, see it as charity, hehe
*wroom* Lbs owner driving by in his new Lamborghini.... =)

After that i went to Stockholm City to visit my friend.
Really nice apartment by the water, first visit.
Had some lunch on the balcony and then made some coffee and satt in the sun by the water.

Life is good sometimes.

Coffee does not make it worse

A little chill when the wind was blowing

Annoying cloud

On my way home at the train station I was just to jump on the train
and there was my son and his mother. What is the chance of that.

The exactly samme time, same train, and of all the 40 doors on the train it was that one. 

So I got some company on the train home =)

Anton loves riding the train.

Around 9 in the evening I got a call from Stefan.
He had been racing and wanted to take a run. But I have sore calf's and have an 35km run tomorrow
so i took the bike and made him company. Nice relaxing ride.

I think was exactly what I needed today.
Time for bed and hope m legs will hold together tomorrow.

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