Im either getting lazy or smart

torsdag, maj 10, 2012

To start of i'm going to tell you something old (not talking about my age).
I'm still tired as h*ll.

If  i'm walking around this tired for weeks I can start doing Ultra marathons
probably same feeling and would take the same time.

Nothing bad about Ultra runners, other than they must be crazy.
Read last week I think that Jonas Buud took Worlchampion Silver in 100km with an average pace under 4 min per km.

One of my big goals this year is to run 10km under 4 min per km in average pace.
That dident feel so cool after I read that, hehe

I overslept this morning (nothing new there either, hehe) and took the car to work.
Somehow that felt better that waking up early and being lazy =P. My official excuse is traffic.

My mother was coming over to watch Anton so I could run this afternoon.
Today my calf was really hurting me, nothing that usually stops me.
And it was raining, nothing that really bothers me really either, I actually like
running in the rain. Bike riding in the rain is big NONO.

But today i jumped going out and running, felt bit bad getting my mother over and not going
out, but she just enjoys spending time with her grandson. I get the hard work when she leaves and the sugar rush kicks in, hehe. But it's worth it =).

Did some basic workout at home after Anton went to bed. Push ups, Chins, crunches and the stretching
that I've been after for about 10 years.
Me 10 years ago: Stretching is for old people. Guess what I old now and i get to pay for that now. hehe

Tried doing a new thing on the pushups: 30 - 25 -20 - 15 - 10 - 5.
Made me at least do more that i planned.
My left calf is still hurting, might been the 200m sprints yesterday that killed it.

Rest of the evening I have spent at the computer and trying to fix my bash guard to the cyclocross.
Getting new "front wheel for the chain cant remember the name now" this weekend.

My evening

Now it feels quite smart that I skipped running today.
Usually i go out and suffer and make it worse.
Probably rest until Sunday.

Tomorrow is finally Friday!! Pannkakes woohooo, hehe

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