Feels like shit right now

torsdag, maj 03, 2012

Went out for training tonight, really looking forward to it.
How often do you look forward to do Hill sprints??!!

This is my last "quantity" week, next is also one but i have my son then.
So my plan is to max out this week.

So what happens, I get out start running slowly due to my legs are feeling a bit stiff.
After 2-3km my shinsplints (benhinnor) starts to hurt as hell!
Tried a couple of Hill sprints, but was way to painful, so aborted and went home.

I have had a lot of trouble with my shins this Winter and the last couple of month it has worked really good. So feels like sh** that it has come back now. Worst timing ever. Ok, could be worse, could be
the day before Stockholm marathon.

It's not the whole world, it's like your driving your car and bird shits on the windshield right in the line of sight right after your windshield wipers stopp working.

I think the worst part is mentally, have been preparing so long.
You dont want to fall just in front of the Start line.

So now trying to figure out what to do last month now.
Hopefully I am ready, just want to be in the best shape possible.
But been without pain is prio 1, so resting might come in mind ;)

Diclofenac (voltaren) vill hopefully help also.

Right now sitting with my tens, worked out earlier this year quite good..


Se how it feels tomorrow.
You never know, I still hope that i can run tomorrow, but i'm not expecting it.
Good thing that i can go bike riding, might even be good.

Bit grumpy, cutting down on sugar and sweets also.
Man i'm almost dreaming about Tony the tiger running around with a box of froosties, hehehe
Since i have a 4 year old i have an cabinet with cookies and stuff. 
Does not make life easyier...

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