Dynamite legs and picture day

söndag, maj 13, 2012

No they diden't blow up. (but that woulden't be an bad guess) =)

I had a really good run today, ok dynamite maybe isen't the correct word, firecracker maybe.
But that wouldn't be a cool topic, hehe

The day started quite early, around 2 am with Anton waking up.
And one more time during the night. Not optimal sleep, but when you get kinds there is nothing like optimal sleep, hehe

Around 7am or something like that my friend Stefan calls and needs to borrow a set of wheels for a bike race today
There are 2 times you are allowed to wake me up in Sunday morning.
1. Anything regarding my son.
2. You have bike problems.

So I jumped up fixed the wheels but forgot to give him a spare inner tube (of course he got a flat).

At 10 am after breakfast and chasing my son around to change cloth (good warmup btw) my mother dropped by and I went out running.

I feel really good except my legs was hurting a little. But "No pain, No training log".
I have probably been running so much that my pain tolerance has dubbled 5 times.
Probably resist the worst kind of torture but please don't make me run anymore.

The weather was great, sunny and warm (warm in Sweden is when the polar bears stay in the shadow).
So could finally run in shorts and T-shirt.

Was set on running at an 5.20 min/km pace relaxing.
Did not put much effort in it and checked my watch and had 4.50. Feelt good.

I was feeling like having an Ferrari motor in an old Volkswagen car.
Could probably go faster but i would risk breaking something.

Really nice day

Ran by a local road race, here is the finnish.

After a hour I took lap time and tried going down on the pace a little.
Didn't fall down so much, but kept an quite relaxing pace so lets go with it.

I dont know why i post this pics, ehhe

Went by a nearby lake.

Same lake

Did I mention the lake ;)

Some fire road running

And even some wood running

This is the poster for the next Blair witch movie

The path ended up at an... Yes a lake =)

Come'ing down to 20km I still felt really good, except my hip and calf.
Wasn't, please shoot me pain, but i felt.

Last part I geared up my ferrari engine and wanted to go for a average pace of 4.50, had 4.51.
The bad part it was only uphill left, hehe. So my pace didn't go down but my pulse went up.

I was really satisfied with the run, but i'm so incredible tired of having pain.
Maybe i'm not made for running.

The facts

Afterwards I stretched and relaxed a couple of minutes in my backyard enjoying the sun =)

After run
Then jumped in shower, went and bought some stuff flowers n shit for my garden.
And the after noon was spend fixing it with Anton. He really thinks its fun =)

Hey, get a room!

Anton outside realizing that the Lightning Mcqeen phone isn't for real, hehe

Work done, relax time.

Around dinner time Stefan dropped by with some food for the barbecue.
First dinner outside this year, wooohhoo.

I asked Anton to take the package of sausages outside, and he opened it and shared it around the table, hehe. So cute =)

Anton ready!

Anton got a Baseball cap from Stefan today also =)

After dinner we watched the Worldcup XC race.
I want to out mountain biking!!!!!

What can I say, awesome Sunday =)

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