My longest run so far and back in the rabbit hole.

måndag, maj 07, 2012

Yesterday was really nice day.
On the schedule was 32km of running.

I packed my things and headed out to Christian who i run with.
Nice weather so i went for t-shirt, for about 2 steps outside then i changed to long sleeved.
No viking here. hehe

We went out in nice pace around 5.20 witch was our goal.
Today we weren't out to get speed just the distance, I was a little nervous since my legs been hurting also.

Im glad i have someone to run this long distances with. Ok an ipod works,  for about an hour or so.

Felt good in the beginning.

Started out on gravel first, really nice place called "Järva Fältet", like an nature reserve close
to Stockholm city.

The run went really good, suffered a little of dehydration. I had a water belt with me with around 600ml
that maybe was a bit to little for 3 hours.

Really happy that my legs hold up. 

Map from the run


So next next Sunday is my last long distance run with 35km.
Shouldn't be a problem, if we wanted could have continued yesterday a couple of k's.

I have actually run 2 Marathons before, but never been able to run longer than 27km before I broke
down. I continued running after an while. But this was longest in an row.

I can tell you that i slept really well.


Yeah, I slept really well today also, too well if that says anything.

Feeling really wasted, I have energy to train good and everything is responding fine.
But feels like I have jumped into a rabbit hole. Hopefully the lower intense in training
the following weeks for Stockholm marathon will make me peak. That's the plan at least, hehe

My son came today, he leaves for his mother every second week.
I love when he is back. The days get more structured then also.
Dinner 6pm sharp, not 9 or 10.

Today we went for an bike ride and ice cream after dinner.
Yeah, its week day. But for me these Mondays are special =)

Me and my sun

Ice cream in the sun.

Some afternoon sun.

Have 2 days of training now. Wednesday next training.
Hope to get some rest and get to bed early.

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