Maxed out day and some update

torsdag, maj 31, 2012

Have had an really nice day today.
My original plan was to to to the gym this morning.
Way too tired to get up in time. I only got 3,5 hours sleep the day before and stayed up untill 1 am again.

Secondary plan: Do my exercises at home.
Way too lazy too get up in time, hehe

So last effort, bike to work. At least i got that one done.
Nice morning, bit cold wished that i had my leg warmers.

Morning ride

First ride to work in bibs, without warmers.

Of course, it had to start to rain really hard in the afternoon.
Never goes wrong, specially when you forgot the rain jacket, hehe

This weather sux

Happy happy happy

wet wet wet

Man was I cold when i got home, in record time by the way. Came indoors, took my cloth off
and still had 2 minutes on my best time home, and its not even Friday!!

Jumped into the shower, and took a long warm shower.

Then i did my exercises for my leg for around an half hour.

Took an 15 min power nap, put the alarm clock in the other room so I had to get up.
And went out for an test run.

I have an bad knee, and I guess i'm looking for an miracle to happen so I can run Stockholm marathon on Saturday, the longest I have come this week is 800 meters, hehe

So I aimed to run around the parking lot so i don't have to walk so far home.
800m wen't fine, yeah. 

1 km still ok woohoo.
1.2 km yes yes yes, plans are building up.
1.5 km omg omg this going great. 
2.0 km crap, start to feel my knee a little so i stopped directly.

There went my last hope of an miracle. But I was really happy.
I am making progress! I have already decided not to run Stockholm marathon.
But you can always hope until the start signal goes. 

So in good walking home in good mood, ate quick dinner and took an 20 min walk to the gym.
Today I worked on my back and triceps + crunches.
And had my 20 min walk home, or 25 min. Uphill all the way home.
Would rather have it the other way, hehe

So now in quite finished.

Will try to get up at 5am and to to the gym before work.

So little update from the week.

As you on the pick I have been in a fight!

Actually bit bigger after it swollen up. 

I got in a fight with my garden hose.
That shit almost knocked me out, did a full force strike attack, right on the eye bone (?!, no worries im not a doctor).
Still hurts. Moments that you're glad that nobody saw it live, hehe

Been out ride quite a lot, at least more that I have done earlier this year.
Tuesday I out with Stefan, he needed to test his TT bike.
I was promised a calm ride. I almost got a refund on my dinner. hehe
But must looked really cool have'ing an TT pace'ing you around =)

Mr pace, He got fired after driving away from me ;)

Really nice evening.

Other that that it has been short mtb rides and some gym.
Trying to get everything together again =)

Hoping my knee will get better soon.
Still a lot of run races left this year.

The positive thing is that im getting some power back on the bike.
Will try to increase that also.


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