Back on track or something like that

fredag, maj 04, 2012

My plans never work out!
My big plan was today to rest, as any normal person would have after my legs hurt so much yesterday.

Talked to Christian earlier today, we were supposed to run together.
So I said I would come down and support him at the track.

Couple of hours later i was changed and standing there, there went my plan.
Thinking wtf i can warm up with him and then do some stretching.

The warmup went really good didn't feel anything in the legs.

To was 1000m (1km) sprints, and after the good warmup I said that i would
do them also but in the same pace as warmup.

I let him start first, then i ran after.
Didn't take until i was up at his back, and it wasn't he who was running slow.
Did the first under 4 min and thought this is gona hit me back, but felt quite good.

Did an second and third under 4 minutes also.
But on the third i started to feel a little in my shinsplints so I stepped off and Christian did the rest 3 remaining on his own while i was stretching.

Then I joind him for a cool down run.

Totaly got 10km today, way waaay more than I expected.
Feels a little good =)

My local track.

Today I got my first pair of trail running shoes, going to be fun to try them after Stockholm Marathon.

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