Weekend update, crazy weekend!

måndag, april 09, 2012

Woohhh, Eastern weekend (finally) over.
3 days and 48,5 km running and 55,5 km biking.

Been a bit crazy.

Me and Anton went to my Mother for some Easter lunch, was really nice.
Around 5pm Antons mother came and picked him up and I started packing.
After that I jumped in the car and aimed for my friend Stefan country house, around a 2 hour car ride.

The first thing I got to do was jumping in my running cloth and get our for an run.
Atleast you know you came to the right place, hehe =)

Saturdays run, bit fast start.

After the run we took an light beer and jumped into the sauna, really nice after a run.


Woke up an 8am, sleept really bad and my legs did not feel good.
Dident feel like a 30km run day if i say so.

After breakfast we went out, it was tuff but doable, trying to keep an 5 km/min pace.

Me and Stefan just starting.

Headed out to an place called Ellan, about 10,5 km there.

Turning point around after 1km from here.

After we turned my legs loosened a little, and took up the pace a bit.
It was a really nice place to run at.

When we came back to the car we had 21km so we decided to go for 30km
4,5 one way and 4,5 back. The last 4,5 almost killed me, I was so tired.
But i wanted to keep the avrage pace up and Stefan keept my mood up the last km.

We we finished I was out, but happy. Crapy sleep, running the evning before.
No preparation and we kept the pace i need for making the marathon on 3.30.

after pic

Sunday was also cycle on tv and not just cycling it was Paris - Roubaix.
Tom Boonen is the king, it was so beautiful.  My hat off.

This kid celebrating Tom Boonens win at Ronde v Vlaanderen is awsome.

This made me feel a little better after the run ;)

After relaxing some hour in the sofa it was time to work.
Some real hard work, we went out to cut some wood in the forrest.

Playing Grizzly bear :P

After that i was pretty out of any kind of energy, and we hit the sauna.
Then dinner and just watched some tv.


Slept really good, but my legs was a bit sore.
Out plan was an 4 hour bike ride home.

It dident go so well, it was cold and and really windy.
I tried to get inte the drag of Stefan, but the wind was hiting hard from the side
and at every hill i couldent hold the pace. My legs was just to tired.

So after around 2 hour ride we got picked up on our way home.
Stefans sister picked me up first and he continued a couple km longer until his ride came.

Todays ride, still snow on the side of the roads.

After we came home, I jumped in the shower and then Stefan picked me up for a trip to Ikea.
After Ikea we were starving so grabbed some food and then to fix a little in his apartment.

So puuhhhh, work tomorrow, maybe get some rest , hehe
Picking up my son Anton also, woohooo. Miss him alot.
I wish I could se him every day. Really empty without him.

This week will be a bit lower on training. 2 runs (thursday and Sunday) and one session
on the trainer (wednesday). Having Antons birthday party on Saturday also =) 

Ready for bed now...

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