Race day, Springcross 2012

lördag, april 21, 2012

Today was race day, 18km running in terrain.

Last days it has rained rained a lot so i expected a lot of mud.
This is an fun race I try do do every year, the new thing this years is that I ran the new
distance 18km instead of  12. The course is 6km.

Haven't felt so motivated last days, and did feel so good this morning.
But there was no problem with my body.

Went out and warmed up for around 2km.
Legs was ok, didn't have those super light legs but they were ok.

I started i bit back in the row and the bad thing is that they didn't have any sensors for the chip at the starting line, so I lost probably around 30 sek before i got away.

It was wet and really muddy, first i thought it was fun. 5 min later when the clock was ticking
and you were sliding all over the place it wasn't so fun, hehe

It shows that I only been running on tarmac, the steep hills killed my calfs.
Not so used to running up n down, specially in mud.

But I tried to compromise on the gravel roads, where i knew i could catch up some time without
costing to much.

Had an tactic on the hills today. It was just to run up next to someone and keep the same pace.
Worked pretty good, I was by myself I would lose a lot of speed.

On the 3rd lapp out I was getting tired, I saved myself a little for this lapp.
In this race, if run under 1.30h you get an Gold medal. So that was my goal.
Running in to the last lapp I had 5 minutes to spare. That feel good, because the hills was killing me now.

I reached goal with over 5 minutes to 1.30 came in on 1.24.57.
Really happy with the time considering the circumstances.

My after picture:

I was happier than I looked, hehe

Here is an video from the race.

The evening was also great.
Stefan and his sister Åsa came over for some BBQ, Wii and stuff.

Now a movie and the sleep.
Tomorrow I can sleep as long as I want, woooohhhoooooooo

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