Two ehhhm Resting days

onsdag, april 11, 2012

After last weekend I decided to take 2 rest days, my body was quite worn out.

Don't know if i should call it resting, at least not training, hehe

Been so incredible tired, don't know if it might be the sugar rush going down after tooo many Eastern eggs  ;)

At home i had war against Ants. No not Ant+ that work fine =)
I hate Ants, I have been fighting them chemically, with the mop, and finally with chopsticks.
Those small mtfers comes from everywhere.

Now I think i got it control.
Dont want to put to much chemicals around when I have my son here.
So if there still here next week i'm going nuclear!

Other projects last 2 days:
Testing Windows phone, don't know what to think yet.
Fixed the twinlock on my mtb.
Fixing stuff for my sons big birthday party next week.

Trying to hit bed early tonight, so I don't look like this tomorrow


Running tomorrow, 9km fast speed and 3km warmup. Hopefully Im gona feel rested tomorrow.

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