Not much training this week

fredag, april 27, 2012

I think im getting back from last week, hehe
Looking at it from the good sida is that my legs probably needs some rest.

Have my son this week also, we are having a great time together.

Tuesday i went down to the running track for 3 X 5 X 200m intervalls.
Half the track was occupied for the local track n field club. But i could one straight.
Warming up on an 100m straight line is as fun as watching paint dry.
I changed the 200m to 100 intervalls, did the first set and got pain in shinsplints again.
So went home and fotbal with my son instead, much more fun, hehe

Been really stressed this week, kindergarden is closed today and tomorrow and trying to get everything together. Think i have managed it pretty good. Had to skip some training, but got an short run today.
Think was about 8km in the rain. I really like running in the rain. But i wont take my bike outside then, ehhe

Me and Anton went down to a local mtb race later today to take some pictures, it still raining a bit and there were 4 or 5 riders only. Yeah quite boreing, hehe
What I dident know was that my friend was on the other side of the track with coffe.
Thats why we have twitter!! =)

Here is Anton waiting.

Anton took a pic of me. 

Tomorrow kindergarden is closed, so Anton will be joining me to work for a couple of hours.
And he is really looking forward to it. 15min in the office and it will be can we go home, ehhe

Fixed my webpage tonight. 

Its my old blogg adress.
Trying out Joomla right now. Think it works really good =)

Right now really looking forward for the weekend.

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