Biking to work

onsdag, april 04, 2012

You wake up after good night sleep.
Jump in your bibs, grab an espresso and your off.
Riding with with sun raising in front of you and cows and horses running along cheering.

Oh yeah, that was my dream.

Actually it is like this.

Wake up, shit i'm in an hurry.
Open the drapes, shit snow outside, fu** its cold too.
No time for coffee, have to leave but where the hell is the other glove.

 Finally on my bike, crazy lady screaming at you because you're not using your bell when passing
10 meter on the side of here. Good thing you're wearing turtle gloves, flipping the finger with them really doesn't make sense.

Almost getting hit by a Mazda, because of course I have a car I dont care, zummzumm.
Turtle gloves +1.

Tired legs after training yesterday and 60 years old man biking past you with an smile.

Ohh noo, he didn't!

So now your sweaty, for nothing.
You cant directly brag about biking from an 60 years old man.

At least he cant tell anyone about it. Hey i past i race biker to work today.

That shit gets on Twitter!!

Now you're relaxing a little, and you hit the pile of horse crap.
Fenders does not look good on the bike, but horse shit in your face do?
Got to think that one over again.

Now you feel the smell of coffee, now you're close, and bang u get an flat tire.
Mother***** sh*.
So running by the bus stop, looking crazy, carrying a bike, smelling horse crap and the ipod
playing "I'm sexy and i know it". No i don't know it, please tell me something sexy about this!

Finally at work,  and where the he** is my jeans.
wiggle wiggle wiggle, I'm ........

When you get home you know you will do this again.
And in sick way looking forward to it.
Maybe something wrong with me, but i wouldn't like to change that.

Maybe tomorrow the sun is shinning.

*Opening the drapes the next day *crap*

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