Keeping the pace up

tisdag, april 03, 2012

Long day today.
Woke up early today, I have have my alarm still a little as if i was biking to work.
But today i had to take the car. My legs was like thank goooood,  =)

Had an appointment with my physiotherapist this morning before work to fix my calf.
Nothing that is really bad, just want to keep it that way, hehe

Work, business as usual. A lot of projects going on , some are quite fun.
Did my first install of Windows 8 customer preview, even if it was on WMware was to try.
 Ok with all the touch layout on an pad but on an PC , I don't get the point (point, get it).
Some public places maybe or like having an computer in the kitchen, but generally naww.

After work, I had a lot stuff to fix.
First grocery store, food and candy for my sons Eastern egg. Started to regret that I bought such an big egg. And he doesn't even like candy so much. But he will be really happy getting it.
Went and picked up his birthday gift, then another store to get an lock for one of my bikes and finally the sport store. Wanted to try a pair of compression boxers for running, and there was big sale right now so why not.

Finally at the evening i went down to the running track with my friend Stefan.
About an pleasant 4k run down there.

Had on my schedule 2 X 5 X 400m intervals with 30 sek rest between.
For you skipped math class its: (counting please wait) 10, 400m intervals.

I really hate running 400m. 100m & 200m you hit it hard and then its over.
400 its like hitting it hard and you have to live with it for another 200m.

But its really good training, after the last sprints i had to run back and pick up my lungs that i lost somewhere on the way.

And 30sek rest, its just barely that you get your sight back so you can find the starting line.
Fastest 30 sek in my life. 

The an nice 4k cool down run home. 
On the way there, still wearing some rest of a smile.

Stefan, bastard ran faster than me, hehe

The track

After 10 400m sprints. I was trying to smile ;)

Getting home and time for laundry, making dinner etc etc.
I want be a pro and not need to work, hehe. I have 2 mtb's in my hallway that needs some love also.
And and cyclocross without front spocket and Road bike that is clearly complaining when out riding.

I need 36h days!!!, Yesterday I had to ride to work with summer cloth when it was 30f (0c) outside
because I didn't have time to do laundry,  or I did but my neighbors doesn't somehow like the sound of the washing machine during nigh.

  Now finally sleep, just have a couple of things to do first, hehe

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