Bad run today

söndag, april 29, 2012

Weather was awesome today.
I think its my first day of running with T-shirt and shorts.

I have had a little sore throat this week, not really that i am sick just something there annoying me.
My legs has been really bad, I guess the bill from last week great runs came now.

This morning I didn't feel anything bad in the legs and looking forward for to run.
Only got about 7km this week so far.

Christian came over to my place at 10am and we took off.
Started with a pace just above 5.0 min/km. I wasn't flying forward but a doable pace and still able to talk normally.

Orange = Christian , Green = Me

The sun was shinning.

Today plan was 31km with an pace of 5.0 min/km. Around what we are running Stockholm marathon at.

The big grande brick wall.
When came in on 18km, it hit me in the face, I was totally out.
Running into an wall , wall falling down over you, truck parks on top.

From here i still had 8,5km home with shortcut.
My hips start to hurt, and got an really bad headache.
Trying to keep the pace up was going up n down between 5.30 and 6.00 now.

Christian was feeling really good so he took of, felt better for me also not dragging him down.

I made it home and got totally 26,5km with 5.12 pace. 
Half a year ago i would be WOOHHOOO, today just disappointed.

But you got to get thru those bad days also, everyone has them.

Now it resting time for me. 

In the afternoon I went out with Anton for some bike rideing and I took a walk.

He did his first really big crash, diving from the bike.
The god part is that he flew so far that he landed on grass instead of the tarmac.
Really proud of him, he cried a little and then just jumped back up =)  

Bike ride.

Rest of the evening was in the couch watching Cars =)

I not really as excited as he is, hehe

Looking forward for new week now =)

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