Great running week with 76km

söndag, april 22, 2012

Great running week this week.

Tuesday and Thursday I ran intervals with Christian.
Been tired but really got out the most of it, even got one of my fastest km time.
We pushed each other quite good.

Saturday it was 10km race in terrain, even if kept my feet on tarmac it went really good.
Placed 71 of 298, next year i might dive into the bushes a couple of times before and aim for top 50. =)

Today I did an recovery run with Stefan. Recover and recovery it did go a bit faster than I planed.
But if you got the legs you got the legs. The run ended at 22km with 4.59 mim/km pace.

So this week i totally got 76km of running.
The longest so far in a week =)


Feeling awesome, the running is going better and better.
No major pain or anything.

Even got one Mtb XC session on monday, missing riding the bike.
Probably cut down a little on running soon and getting on the bike.
Still want to do some Mtb racing in August / September.

Next week Anton is back here, missing him a lot, he was here a couple of hours today also =)
Might take him down to run track one day next week and do something fun.
He is at the age of he wants to do everything I do. Could be fun, dont know until you tried.

On the schedule I have 44 km of running, quite easy week.
Think it only be 2 runs, get the legs a chance to rest. =)

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