Last 2 days of running

torsdag, april 05, 2012


My plan was going out for 8km of really easy running.
But when running with my friend Göran, they seem to get tougher.

We started out easy on the side walk,  and one quick step we were running in the woods.
I have been wearing out the tarmac a lot lately, so jumping in the woods really made suffer.
And all the 400m sprints the day before didn't make it easyier.

But it was a really nice run, my friends dog was with us as some extra company.
The distance got to 10km with some really steep hills in the woods. The last one
i actually just walked up to. Wanted so save my legs at least a bit for todays hill sprints.


Today had Hill sprints on the schedule.
Got my neighbor and friend to join.

We had an easy 3km run to the hill and completed 5 hill sprints.
My legs weren't feeling  really alive today, had to bribe them to take me all the way up.

After i finished ventilating more air than an Jet engine we took an 5 km run in the forest home.

So tomorrow (and Monday) is day of from work for Easter.
Feel really good, going up on Saturday evening to my friends Stefan country house
for some running and bike and watching Paris - Rouibaix. Nice to get away some day from home also.

But most important: Tomorrow is my sons birthday.
Im so excited, probably more than he is, hehe
His mom is leaving him of at 11 here, can't wait =)

Tonight just watching some episodes of Suits and relaxing.
Maybe one small whiskey will fall down, just for the Easter bunny ;)

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