Back from the basement, last weeks update

fredag, mars 02, 2012

Been really wasted last weeks, so incredible tired.
The motivation hasen been so high either.

But i got some things done =)

Saturday the 18th , Paul van Dyke was supposed to play at Mondaybar XL here in Stockholm.
But he had to cancel that play, but we went there anyway. I was running the next day
so I took place behind the steering wheel. It was good, but I have at better parties.

Monday bar XL

Probably the thing that night was Stefan sponsoring me with all the carbs he had since he is doing
the LCHF diet. I not mentioning what i think of it, i'm just happy for the free carbs =)

Thanks to my carb sponsor Stefan.

Sunday 19th , I'll put an red pitch fork on that day.
Running day with Team Stockholm Marathon.

Man was I tired, not from the party or sleep, sleept quite good.
But my legs was signing their resignation papper already on the way there.
Combine, worn out legs, dehydration, bad food, crapy weather and you will suffer.

The first day I left my Icebugs at home also, since it been raining a lot and warm weather.
This day was probably the day I needed them the most. Eint life a bitch, hehe

Took around 5 minutes and my feet were soaked with water, cold water, really cold water.
Positive thing is that you dident care about running around the water anymore.

The ground contained mostly this slippery semi ice, like between ice and snow, heavy to run on
and no traction.

I almost aimed for some cars, just to have an excuse to stop running.
Well I made it all the 24km, A+ for determination D- for preparation.
Did i mention that I forgot my Garmin at home this day also!!

Monday 21st,  Still totaly wasted i dont know why i did even bother going down to the gym
to run on the treadmill.

Planned to do 2 X 3km intervalls and 2 short 80m. 
Didn't go so good, the only thing that went upp was my heartbeat.
At the start of the second intervall I stopped and went to the sauna instead.

The rest of the week I wasent felling really well  but i did run on Thursday, Hill sprints that went quite well even if i didn't go 100%.  Saturday and short run just to keep my legs alive.

Sunday it was time for distans running with Team Stockholm Marathon again.
This time a little better prepared, eating and drinking good the day before and early to bed.
We were going a bit faster and 23 km.

Was an wonderful day.

Another group stretching

This week

I have had my son this week, really missed him a lot.
So it has been great.

I got good training also, been out Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Gone quite well, but been a bit stressy with limited time to run, but I wanted to go out when I had the chance.

Thursdays run

So now I am going to enjoy the weekend. =)

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