Up and down week.

lördag, mars 10, 2012

Big plans this week, ok i had some plans at least.
But they got screwed up, but soon there is a new week.
Glad i didn't do a year plan ;).

Went out running with Stefan and we had 5 X 100m sprints and around 8k's of easy running.

Pre stretch, waiting for

 Stefan to get his watch working.

Holy frijoles what diference it is doing the sprints with an friend than doing them by yourself.
I really pushed myself 100% running shoulder by shoulder. I took 10-15 minutes after those 5 sprints to be able to talk normally again, hehe. After we had an run in talking pace. Nice to talk to someone other than you're self sometimes, hehe. (I actually dont do that).

Lap,  time,  distance,  average pace
Probably my fastest 100m pace so far. Considering
that i'm taking the time myself, running on asfalt 
with gravel and winter cloth.

Run cadence, bit faster during sprints ;)

Went down for am Kebab salad after, think i found my favorite dinning place in my town.
Never been here, but hey i only lived here for 8 years and run by the place 2 times a week ;)

Since we do quite different diets, Stefan is on: LCHF (Lo carbs hi fat) and I'm on HCLF (Hi carbs low fat) this one of the dishes that works out for us both. + I always get his bread =) woohoo.
It like an vegetarian and an meat lover going out for dinner, hehe

Skinniest guys in the restaurant with the biggest plates. 


Ohhh, my legs were sore. I found new muscles that i dident know existed.
Not an good first expression of the. "Hello we come in pain!" I lived 32 years
without them and now there coming?
Like and archeologist finding an new bone, wtf is this, and where did it come from.

Was feeling a bit tired during the day, but went to the gym anyway.
Lifted some weights did mostly my back and triceps that i usually forget.
Then 3k' s on the treadmill just to warm up my legs and did an long stretch. 

After that i was totally out of energy.


This day will be cut out of my calendar.
Woke up with an headache, and my legs my mothe***** legs hurt, hehe
Feelt like an beaten donkey crouching turkey.

Never got rid of the headache either.

I had Hill sprints on the schedule, yeah excellent!
Didn't even make it to the foot of the hill, hehe

Went after work to visit my son, played around with him and started
to sweat really much, then freeze so much. So pretty much went home to bed.


After have headache from waking up to going to sleep the day before, i felt great
waking up without it, and feeling better. My legs were quite stiff still.

After work i went out for an run, ohh my hamstrings really hurt, felt like the muscles were
so short that they went up my ass and hidden.

After 5-6k's it got a little better, but still left leg was going back as an rubberband.
Should have been running backwards, that would ha gone fast, ehhe

Stretched for like an half hour after, felt like torture. If go out to war and get caught
they would probably make me stretch. After reading this blogg.

I dont think wars ever be the same now, people would like twitter "out of bullets"
and check in at "the bunker". The comander in charge would tag himself on facebook.
So the question name and rank wouldn't come up. 

Yesterdays run. Yes this is the best pic.

Yesterdays run. Quite easy run.

This weeks goals was atleast low, so shouldent be an problem with 25k running tomorrow.

Now lets se what the weekend has to offer =)

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