Active recovery day [400]

måndag, mars 05, 2012

Today I woke up and did feel in excellent shape.
That meaning, I didn't oversleep, I didn't have any pain and I made it to the kitchen without a need of power napping in the couch on the way thru the living room.

Actually I woke up before the alarm clock.
Quite nice, having the time to make breakfast for my son son and prepare everything before he woke up.

Today I didn't any any running or anything so decided to try some new dish in the kitchen.
Man three's a lot time over when not training , hehe

Choritso in samba olek and garlik with vegetables and nuddles.
It was good, but not top 10 good.

Then i took the decision to go down to the gym for some upper body strength.
All decisions in life aren't good.
So new rule , resting day = Soffa or extra power napping.
But the training went good, until i got headache , now everything back to foggy, hehehe

My legs or ankles are little sore also, feels good that there is only 3 runs this week.
And one of them are really short tomorrow, around 8k' s.

So now in finally gona enjoy the soffa.

Feels a bit lonely without my son home. 
Maybe thats why i try keep myself occupied all the time when he is gone.
So, I dont get any rest with my son and no rest without, hehe

Wondering what the 400 in the header is for?
This is the 400th post, woohhoooo.

I'll use capital letters when i reach 500 ;)

So now a couple of episodes of Burn Notice, really into that serie right now. 
And enjoy an smoothie, yep had time to do one those today also, hehe

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