Need to learn to run more even

tisdag, mars 27, 2012

Really tired today, took the car to work.
Not because of I was tired, had to leave away my car wheels to change tires.
But i saw it like an bonus, hehe =)

Think it was a bit much on Sunday with both Running race, Cycling and everything home.
My son Anton is at my place this week also, great fun =).

Today i had 12km running in nice distance speed.
Even that i was tired the pace got to be a bit to high.
Going down to 5.00/5.20 m/km felt slow.

My problem is keeping an even pace, i think i always had problems with that.
All runs are almost like intervalls, hehe Need to learn to keep it down.

If could keep it even i think i could have an faster time around.
I also have problems setting speed while running, its like i only have 2 gears.
High and low. Cycling its bit easier.

Todays up n down speed.


My pace during the race on sunday.

My plan of going to bed for 1 hour ago didn't work out either, ehhe

Looking forward to tomorrow with an rest day, and an whole evening with my son.
We probably going bike riding and me running after, ehhe =)

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