Todays distance running

söndag, mars 04, 2012

So, Sunday again... And time for distance running.
Scheduled distance: 25km

My legs still tired after the week, but 25k in 5.20 m/km pace shouldn't be a big problem.
Very cloudy this morning, the forecast was sun and bit colder that i thought i would be -4c.
Put sportdrinks in 2 of 4 bottles just in case, hoping not to need them.

Then pace was very even and a lot long hills today.
The hills felt pretty good in the legs but otherwise went very smoothly.

After about one hour the sun started to show up its always nice, and gave some more energy.
At 23/23 km I wasent deadly tired but i rather be some other place, ehhe

Arrived at the Stadium with 25,5km so i took a lap around to get a flat 26.
A couple of others joined me too, actually almost everyone.

Todays run.


It was an nice run, and the distance are getting long now.
Quite tired after, went for an coffe with Anton and an friend and then grocery shopping for the week.

Gona sleep really well tonight =)

This weeks goal

Quite happy that i got 58km this week, even i had my son.
Ok , I maybe could pushed 2 more to get 60, hehe

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