Todays Run and yesterdays Hill sprints

onsdag, mars 21, 2012

Todays run

Was out with my friend Stefan today for an run in distance pace.
I was feeling pretty good, maybe a little tired after yesterdays Hill sprints (se bellow).

Pre run pic

Was an run around Upplands väsby in an nice talking pace.

First k's

Nice weather today

Short shoe fix stop

After around 10k's Stefans hipp started to hurt really bad so we shortened down
down the run 13k. Out plan was 20k. Dident bother me so much, maybe batter to take
it easy have my first race on Sunday.

After we went down to the pizzeria and had dinner.

Kebab sallad today =)

Yesterdays Hill sprints + more

Yesterday i was out doing hill sprints with Christian "mr motto".
We usually run together on Sundays also.

Warm upp to the hill and the 9 really hard sprints.
I really pulled close to max on a couple of them, enough to get a taste of luch again, ehhe
Last spring up someone was baking garlic bread nearby, was kind of a slapp in the face.
Then a long cool down run.

Hill sprints

Yesterday was also the first day this year i took my bike to work.
Gona try doing that 3-4 days a week now =). Its really nice.
And save some gas money, The gas price is incredible high now.

On my way home

Nice ride =)

Finally got my shin bar up at home also, took a while. Had problems finding
out where to put it. 

Trying the bar to se if it holds.

Looking forward to a relaxing resting day tomorrow =)

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