Good Weekend

söndag, mars 11, 2012

I've had an awesome weekend this weekend.

No stress and pretty much having an great time.

Woke up early around 7.30 am, and thought wtf. 
There are 2 days a month i can sleep out and just blew one of them, hehe
Took the opportunity to update a lot of shit on computer and stuff. 
That must be carpe diem ;) hehe

4 espressos and I was jumping on the chair, i think i seized an caffein kick instead =)

My morning friends =)

After that i went down to the mall to meet up with a friend and YES more coffe =)

Afternoon I went out to Alissha and we went later on for some bowling.
Was really fun, 2 hours was maybe a little long my arm was kind of sore.
Almost the fist thing i did was to hurt my hip while throwing the ball.
When i played squash last time i hurt my back, maybe stick to running and biking, hehe

Disco bowling *unff *unff* *unff*

Video, Really slippery. Almost fell a couple of times.


Running as usual with Team Stockholm Marathon.
25km with some higher speed variations.

I was really tired, and my legs wasent feeling it when i woke up.
Only have my self to blame at least for the tiredness.
A couple of beer the night before and bad food including at late evening
isen't the ultimate preparation, hehe. But you got to live also!
But i could have skipped the beer maybe, at least from now i'm
going to skip alcohol on Saturdays, the runs are getting really hard now.

The run was great, I wished i didn't feel so tired only.
Hate struggling with the negative thoughts.
We ran to around South Stockholm, nice with some new paths =).
The pace was was a little faster than planed, but that worked great
for me since I already was tired, hehe. Then I just could focus on
keeping up and not just running along a thinking to much.

25,5 km with 5.19 m/km pace. 
Ok, considering that we had to walk a long path because of ice. 

The run

Completed this weeks run with +5 km.

Nice day in Stockholm

When i came home the sun was working as hardest so sat outside and enjoyed it.

My backyard.

Now im really looking forward to an week with my son =)


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