My day with my son in pics

lördag, mars 17, 2012

Woke up really early today, around 6am.
After breakfast it was full speed all day =)

We just missed the train, so 15min wait.

Finally on the train to Stockholm, Antons highlight of the week, hehe

We got bit to early before everything opened. So coffe time.

Walking around Stockholm

Looked like they just put an box on top of the house, not even the right size, hehe

Back home we went for an bike ride, the longest so far.

After that we went to the playground


One more at the playground, above the slide.

Some more bike, now trying some more difficult stuff.

Small break, and reloading.

Some train playing at home.

Dont know where he gets his energy from.

We changed tires on my cross from spiked tires to regular.

Bike racks got on the car, now you now its spring.

Even got time for some laundry.

Playing around with the cars, Mcqeen and his friends.

Finished the evening with an movie.

Now i'm really tired, just relaxing in the soffa.
Early morning tomorrow, have an 27km run. Hope the weather will be good.


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