Plowing snowman in tights

fredag, februari 17, 2012

Went home and happily changed for an run after work today.
While changing nature decided to add some wind and snow to the challenge.

I did not se any snowing (except during the day) and no wind that cough my attention.
Or i probably be at the gym on the treadmill with an soja machiatto con leche and extra long straw.

During biking season you look at every flag for wind strength and direction to plan your afternoon
ride so you have the wind with you home. After an while you have an better knowledge of the wind
that the International airports weather staff in the city nearby. I wish i used that time to figure out how to become rich or something instead of lazy, hehe

So bad weather and the muddy snow that havet been plow away, just walked around. When you run away its like doing the moonwalk in an reflective vest and tights, your legs are moveing but the gps is not agreeing. Fresh snow is ok, but this muddy snow that is walked up is death.

People was walking backwards covered up, almost that i wanted to do some Zumba moves while running since they already thought i was say "not normal". Need to watch Zumba and learn some moves. Throw a  couple of maracas and we have Kodak moment, hehe. Probably get an car after you with some guys wearing white coats after, and they are not personal trainers !!!

The wind wasent that bad, keep the flags straight but that ice'y snow was biteing in the face. I got 2 snow flakes making an direkt hit on my eye globe, hurt like hell.

Warmed up for around 3k's and then i had 4 of them lovely 100m sprints.
Usain Bolt probably could do 100m and shower in the same time it took me to do one.

After i had an run with free intervals, today it felt more like surviving.
I tried doing some but the only thing that moved faster was my heart rate, hehe

But when you come home you're happy that you did that run =)
Im bit sore in the upper body muscles, probably ran around as flexible as an broom shaft.

Wallet sized idol picture from after the run.

220 in puls is probably from all swearing when the snowflake hit my eye globe. ;)
My max is way lower.

Had actually much better pace that it felt like.

Yeah, tomorrow I am staying indoors and doing the trainer. =)  

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