Weekend with 15km treadmill today!

söndag, februari 05, 2012

On Sundays I usually have my run with Team Stockholm marathon.
I think it great training and i really enjoy it.

 I missed last week, couse I injured my back.
Recovered from that pretty much, have some pain in right side of the lower back.
The worst part is that i lost a little motivation with that. I fixed my shinsplints and right after that the back came. Had the samme problem with the back last year even worse. Now looking back I am sure that it messed up my Marathon and Lidingö loppet. I fixed the back from pain in February but i should have worked on it a lot more. A soon as the pain was of I focused getting time that i lost back.

So that small story ment that I dident go this week either, to keep it short, hehe
First i was 1.4f (-17c) and thats abit could for me but doable, most i was afraid of
my back that is already a bit stiff. I also felt a bit like crap when waking up. Hate
waking up and starting the day with a headache.

Ok, I really hate treadmills. But they are good. Like trainers for the bike I can stand them
for short while.  There are sometimes they make training possible, so shouldn't complain.
But today I had to do at least 15k not to fall to long behind.

First thought after 1k: OMG I'm doing this for 14 more.
After 10 minuts: Why didn't I update my Ipod...

My puls was crazy high at the warmup, got this a couple times before, running light with an puls on 184.
It's like youre reaching for the cell phone and got 911 dialed in. Thats a little how it work, something wrong in the head department. hehe

You are running, youre feeling something wrong, and you wont stop even if u risk an heart attck.
hehe, hell no. I got to do 15k today and you better be pumping around some blood for that.

I like when you get to like 8k's then you know it's less than half left =)
Thats the bad part with Stockholm Marathon, 2 lapps and second is longer.



Ice bandy world championship finals was on Tv. That might effekted the puls ;)
We won, woohhoo. Everyone is Wtf is Ice bandy ;)

Otherwise had an awesome week with my son.
We have been rideing the Snow racer alot. That means me running up and down the hill
a couple very many times. He liked it so much so I enjoyed doing it. I had really fun to.

You hear the other parents like: Take it slow and easy.
I was more: ANTON, why did you use the brakes???

I was impressed by him, he was doing this hard turns so he did 180s and keept himself on the Snow racer. Staring higher and swooshing by everyone *ratattatatadadad*.  Ok, i can confess that first rides i was a little ohhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhh. But when you se that they can handle it you should let them go a little. I saw one, ok it was a little kid probably around one or two years, but had 3-4 woolys to fill up
so it could have an helmet and still riding in the parents lap on the sleight. If that one falls out, it probably gona break its neck from all the weight on the head.

On the snow racer

A short video

Alot of traing next week. Looking forward to it =)

This week dident go so well:

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