Wanting to do more and remembering to rest.

måndag, februari 06, 2012

There is way to much fun stuff to do and to little time.
You have to prioritize, you cant have the cookie and eat it.

That could sometimes be one of my problems (not the cookie, i solved that by buying 2 boxes, after the first i dont more, hehe). I want to do so much stuff, and get better at so much stuff. But the thing that actually makes me better (resting) is the one that i prioritize down.

I read somewhere, dont who wrote it but i made sense.
"Its the rest recovery that makes you better, otherwise you would be able to run forever (so long you got nutrition) because you would get better while doing it.

Get off the couche you still have to train.
Se train as work, and restday as payday, no work no cash.
Working overtime might increase the paycheck, but work to hard and you will get burned.
And have fun doing it!! Otherwise you probably wind up changing work. So long you're not pro and only doing it for money, having fun is main idea. The side benefits is that you are living an healthier life also.

Right now i have my goal to do a good time on Marathon, so setting all my time there (almost).
But i dont thing it might be wrong doing other thing also so long it doesn't take to much of the resting time. I love bike rideing and I se myself more of a bike rider that is running than a runner if you have to choose. So im going to do some bike rideing also but then i have to choose to take an run out.

Today i went to the gym and trained upper body and ran 6k's on the treadmill.
Actually today is my rest day, hehe. But i changed it from thursday's training couse I have my son then.
Some time life just wont go after your training schedule. hehe

Nice and slow pace with an average of 5.26 m/km.
Did som short sprints just to stretch out the legs.



This week I got 5 runs and 57km to get together.

So far...

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