60km and lovely last week.

måndag, februari 13, 2012


Last week was great, I finally got up  60k's of running in one week.
And i had my son one day also. And got to the gym 4 times and first long-distance ice-skating for this winter.

Last weeks goal

Had to change some rest days because I had my son Thursday so i felt really tired by being out running 4 days straight.  Before christmas I could only do an max of 2 runs a week because of the pain in my shin splints. That have seem to solved =). Just wait for second weakest thing to break now, hehe

The only down side of a lot of training is the home maintenance time goes down.
So Sunday evening pretty much contained of cleaning, exactly what you want to do after an long day of running, hehe. 

Saturday was out for a long-distance ice-skating with Alissha, was really fun.
Was on a lake next to my town. Its 14km around did that lap plus a 4km lap.

The lake

Starting point


Funny sales man selling gloves.


Woke up feeling really great. 
Sunny day with only a couple of minus degrees (celsius).
Perfect day for running =)

I thought it was be a lot of trafic this morning with everyone going skiing, ice skating, running, etc in this wonderful weather. I guess I think to good about people.

Never seen the freeway this empty.
(dont do this at home boys n girls)

Ran together with Team Stockholm Marathon as usual om Sundays.
22km in Stockholm city, or around the edges of the city. Its a really nice city, looking forward for Stockholm Marathon so much now =)

The run went great, the only down side was a couple red lights and the muddy snow.
It felt today in the caps that you been digging around in the snow.
But the weather was great. Fist time i ran with an bottle belt, didn't like it in the beginning but forgot it after a couple of km. 

The run

5.20 pace, but I didn't stop my watch at the red lights.

Stretching afterwards (me in yellow). 

This week will be a lot calmer, only 2 runs. That how many times i could get hod of a baby sitter for my son. Will be jumping on the trainer and getting some bike hours this week instead. 


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