Dusted of the trainer tonight

onsdag, februari 15, 2012

This is the week with my son, so usually the outdoor runs get quite low.
Even lower this week, hoping to get 2 runs. Not the whole world if dont.
Have all next week to burn myself out, hehe

I think its good that i got some quality time with my bike tonight.
For once everything went quite smoothly, otherwise there is always something.
Think when the inner core of the valve blew off was the hight light of "shit that can happen riding an trainer".

Had an hour run just below / on my lactate level (slightly lighter that running ftp).
Se some effects of all the running, my puls doesent go really high, but missing some leg muskels for bike rideing. Im keeping the puls att distans puls and my legs starts cursing already att that level.

Next sessions im going to do some more intesse intervalls get som more power.

I got this tip from an friend on Google+

Might give it an try =)

Need to cool down my apartment more next time. (25c = 77f)

Could push a little harder after around 30min.

Glad that i at least got on the bike, this morning I really felt like crap.
If I hadn't get up and get my son to kindergarden, I probably would winded up in bad all day.
After getting out and getting some fresh air you feel a bit better.

So tomorrow I hope getting an run and that it doesn't snow any more.
I really really really (read all the really one again) dont want to run on the treadmill. 
But doing sprints in 10 inch snow isn't optimal, probably good training but not what im after (speed).

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