Week summery

söndag, januari 22, 2012

Have been an really nice week.

Satisfied with my training considering that i had my son this week.

This weeks sum.

I got a lot of help from my Mom and Alisha watching my son while i could go out for an run.
Usually i do 2 runs when i have him, but this week i got an 3rd also =). So 36,812 steps closer
to Stockholm marathon.

Have done som core training at home also, but I dont log them. No bike this week, the only bad part.
I dont think it will any bikeing next week either. I have 5 runs scheduled and try to hit the gym.

Except training it has been an great week, have had tons of fun with Anton and Alissha.
Anton is getting so big, feels like he is growing a lot every week and learning new things.

Saturday we were at a place called "Butterfly house". Anton thought it was great and i had fun also.
It is one of Alisshas favorite places so was fun visiting it. 

A pic from "fjärrilshuset".

Today it started snowing a lot so we build a Snowman.
Got quite big, it was taller than me. Ok the ears was my wierd idea, hehe

 Anton putting in the carrot as the nose.

This morning i was also out running with Team Stockholm Marathon as usual on Sundays.
Was an really nice day, it snowed this morning so it was white on the ground.
The temperature was ok around -1c.

Next week im hoping to be able to ski (crosscountry) or Ice skate on the lake next weekend.

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