Long run and keeping it healthy

måndag, januari 09, 2012

Today had my first long run this year, the day after christmas eve (25th of Dec) was the last time i was out for an longer run with Tsm (team stockholm marathon).

Most of this week i have been resting my legs. With exception of going out clubbing on Thursday
and screwing up my legs again.  Some muscles on the legs were still not happy with that, hehe

Picked upp my friend and we got there to 9.30 to change and ready to go at 10.00.
The legs feelt better after getting warm and the run went smooth. Mostly happy that i dident feel anything
in my shin splints. Or the nervs just broke, i'll it as an win win situation. Things u dont know wont hurt you, hehe. Please dont remind me saying this next time im crawling home ;)

We ended todays run with an lap in Stockholm Stadium. Me and an friend that i usually run with on Sundays  gets in front and we are both competitive. Usually you take a quick look over your shoulder get eye contact and the race is on. We dont need that the race always seems to be on, hehe
Last 100 meters at least i was going full power. He was around one fot ahead of me i keep catching inch by inch its an awesome feeling, long time ago i could push myself so hard for so long. Usually when u train by you're self you speed up, pushing your limits end then "Taxi".

My heart rate last 30 sek.

The run today was nice, we ran out to an Island in Stockholm called Lidingö.
The temperature was around -3.5 C (25f) and cloudy.
Lindingö is quite hilly in some parts, but my legs feelt good going up the only thing was that my hips
started to hurt a bit. Might need to focus some more streching there or if its my lower back that is weak point. Happy run and looking forward to next week =)

Todays pace


When I got home took an powernap and watched an movie. Just relaxing, sooo nice.
First time actually, before i always had my son or remodeling my home so the only thing i had time to do was grab an coffe and then full speed again.

In the afternoon i got an urge for getting an Pizza, my healthy project hold up for 2 days, wohoo.
Got an second thought and winded up my chicken cocos an vegetables. Great.

Evening: A bag of chips would be nice. My mind and my goals does not seem to be synced.
Read on Facebook about an friend doing smoothies and wtf i'll do one of thoose instead. Head for the supermarket. And winded up with 1 1/2 litre of banna, mango, berries and oat smoothie.
Im still so full that i probably wont need lunch tomorrow, ehhe. Yeah I had to drink it all, hehe

The mixer

Tomorrow back to work again, hitting the gym. Now i only doing the gym the days i dont have running och cycling scheduled. The days im supposed to rest ;). 
My girlfriend is comeing back after being in US for almost an month, look forward to picking her up.
Not looking forward to picking her up at 11pm, i can in the crystal ball that im late for work on tuesday.
hehe. Traffic' s a bitch on tuesdays mornings ;).

Next week got 4 running sessions and around 50km to look forward to also.

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