Back to business and the gym with the january people

torsdag, januari 05, 2012

So we have had christmas, new years and everything that comes with that.
This week it back to work and everything is getting normal again =)

I had some great weeks, but im quite happy to be back.
Wish only there had been some more snow.

The weird thing is that almost everyone is of work for the holidays and you bust your ass of
getting everything thing done before you go on the break, but still loads of work when you come back.

This week im resting my legs from an inflammation at the shinbone, dont remember whats it called common thing for runners. Without running, i have to do something so been at the gym upgrading my upper body.

My Gym

I really hate all of the new years eve people that are coming in for January och stock the place.
In groups of 4-5 takes forever if want an machine they at. And all the people that are walking for over
an hour at the treadmill. I think its great that people train but at the end of February they are gone.
If they stayed along, the gym would need to get bigger now they are just making tons of extra money.
Making it hell for us who train year around. AND THEY NEVER LEARN. If u had 5 gym cards
and ben there for 10 times the last 5 years this is maybe not something for you. 
And the misstake nr1. Im gona be healthy and go to the gym everyday. Going from nothing to 5 or 6 days a week is going to take the fun/motivation/progress from the whole thing, and at the end of first week your worn out. And "what i did not grow muskels or lost weight almost at all". It takes more than an week, sorry dude.

So beside going to the gym i have been power napping a lot this week. I think its gona be my new hobby, hehe. 

Not even with my girlfriend out i get to choose channels!!!

Tomorrow im hitting the Clubs with some of my friends.
Might be one last for at least the next half year. 
Then taking an break from drinking and everything.

Friday is red day here in Sweden, so works out with an long weekend.
It feels that you're not 20 anymore, one night out and the weekend is gone.

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