Last club night for an long while and an short run

lördag, januari 07, 2012

Yesterday Mondaybar has this thing called Thirteen day Trance.
In Sweden Today is an holiday. I dont really know why but im not complaining, hehe

The ticket.

So went over to my friend after work (first an power nap, remember my new hobby, hehe).
Had an couple drinks, as usual Jägermeister and Redbull.

Brought out the vinyll players, was great listen so old track when we used go out alot and
we dj'ed together. Must been over 10 years ago. Damn i feel old now, hehe

Old records out

2 more friends arrived and around 11 we went in to Stockholm.

Main scen


Had an really good time, we danced to around 3am.
I was really tired then, dident so much other that water. Had one or two shoots.

One of the best things was almost the afterparty in the car, hehehe
It was crazy.

So this was probably the last one for an while.
For both of us focusing on training now. But i still take an glas of wine on weekends and so.

I sleept over at my friends place, i kind of live out in the bushes, and woke up to this view, not bad.

Bike over the couch.

We felt bit tired both today, so watched an movie and were in an big discussion about diets on facebook. Mostly LCHF and if bacon is good or bad. 
Diet seem like religion for people. I dont care so much about it. I just try to eat as healthy as possible
and ill eat everything. I eat tons of pasta too.

We got out for an coffe later and then i went home.

Went out for an run this evening, did feel a little i my shins, dont know really if its my shin splints or just because been out jumping around to 3 am.  Didn't feel good anyway. Hope better tomorrow.
Done a lot of stretching tonight and using the tens.

tens and an movie

Tomorrow going to an house pet fair with my son. Gona be fun.

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