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onsdag, januari 18, 2012

Been slow on the updates last week.
Have been searching for the Ultimate Training Software , log or diary if you want to call it that.

I use Garmin products: Forerunner 610 and Edge 500 on the bike.
So it was an requirement that it was able to sync with them.

Until last year i used Polars products and i loved their software.
Had so much problems with HR belt and with Garmin haveing the Gps build in made me want to change.

So to the software, there are 3 softwares or call it sites that i focused on.

Other recommended that i havent tried: 

SportTracks (windows, i run mac)

Goldencheetah (i thought i focused a lot on power meters, i dont have one)

Runnersworld (havent tried)

Funbeat (I know a lot of people who uses it in Sweden and are happy with it. it supports atleast uploading Garmin files)

My tests

The thing i was most interested in was:
  • Good weekly overview with time and distance.
  • Set upp weekly goals.
  • Workable (zooming, etc) graph of HR, Height, and Speed + for cadens.
  • Good overview of the training headings.
  • Easy upload
  • Clean and easy design over the whole site.
  • + Free

Cost: Free version , Full: 119$

Upload file thru a software agent. Works great 

Probably the most profesional one. Seems like many using an coach or someone needing someone to look at your data uses this Website.

I liked it alot, the free version could not zoom the graphs, could not plan training.
The design feels a bit old, and my 13.3 mac screen feels to small for this site.
Would probably work better without the freaking add that is makeing me crazy.

Had great funktion for food also, even if that not for me you never know in the future.

But since i primary looking for an free site and using this one i need to pay for getting what i was after i will not be using it. If it was free and they upgraded the design a bit i guess this would be my choice.

Cost: Free

Upload file thru a software agent. Works great 

I like this one, it has an nice overview and easy to get around.
If i was just after the basics and wanted to log my training this would be the one.
The calander gives good overview, the reports part is easy to filter out trainings and get the info you want without doing the click of death.

Weekly goals

Taking out reports easy.

On the front page (dashboard) I see last trainings and my weekly goal.
My weekly goal

The down side
Its like an Volvo, it does the jobb, its clean design, it stores your stuff but nothing more.
I really cant get the charts to zoom like i want, its useless.
Analyzing your training to the next level you need something else.
One thing i miss is entering what gear you're using, like to have the milage on the shoes.

An plus thing that i recently use is doing the workouts here and just upload them to the watch.
Doing them on the clock u need a lot of patience, hehe

Cost: Free version , Full: 59$

Upload file thru webpage. Works great 

This webpage impressed me. I had the most stuff i was after here.
The only thing missing was being able to do my weekly planning and running cadens in the charts.

A bit confusing with all the headlines Dashboard, Profile, Training
under training: Calendar, activity. Probably something you get used to.

Dashboard: Wished there was date somewhere other than in description.
Profile: Nice weekly view and Recent Achievements.
Calendar: Nice view, there is room for weekly sum, should put it there.
Activity: Nothing to complain about.

I really liked that it broke down the run to km next to the map.
When u put the pointer over an Km it highlights that part in the map.

The map and graph was great, like the funktion that it points out on an map where
you point on the graph. 

Some plus functions where that it took out best effort of different distans and gives it
Personal record, 2nd and 3rd place. Fun thing.

So overall: Great webpage.
Missing the function on weekly planning and cadens in the graph or anywhere.
The free version didn't limit me, the payable had some function for your zones and stuff.
And 59$ is that much, but right now i would put them on an new tire on my bike instead.

Which did I go with?
It seems that there is nothing like the perfect software!

Im going dual core with Garmin and Strava.

Using the Garmin naming my trainings and and having an overall look.
It is the only one with the workout maker too.

The Strava for more analyzing some training and just uploading everything without needing to
rename or anything.

Not an big effort, and maybe someday i will only choose one. Stuff does get upgraded.

Any tips on other please send me an email or comment.

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