Test: Leglube

fredag, januari 20, 2012

I got an tip from an friend about Leglube and thought it a fun product.
So I got one from the US since they dont sell them here in Sweden.
They seem to have a lot more cool stuff on the other side of the Atlantic.
Bought it mostly because my girlfriend was going to the US and would be fun to try.
I'm not paying shipping and customs to Sweden for an bottle of shaving gel, hehe

The Product
The bottle was formed like chain lube, some + points for that and quite
small which i like if your traveling around. If you had a couple of beers
and your legs turn black while shaving, you got the wrong bottle. This
will be confirmed by your chain complaining loudly after couple of miles.

 This one is for your bike!

It was very compact, and had an nice cooling effect and smell, a bit mint.
Otherwise I dont really have so much to say about, Its a shaving gel!!!
The best part comparing from your standard shaving gel is that there is not
so much residue after, maybe im being a bit cheap with this one. But when i use a
other gel i get a lot of residue over on the shaver. This was a little like soap with better lub.
Felt nice and fresh after.

My legs did not go faster after, I was even a bit late for work today.n
Ok I might have gone by car and wore jeans over =P.
Might have got a feeling of having slightly faster legs after, hehehe

Another plus is that you can use it for dry shaving, might just need a water bottle
to clean the shaver, do not use the one with sportdrink inside! It gets a bit sticky.

Like when i was at a race on a really hot day, i asked  the water people to fill the bottle with water and i threw it over myself. They had put sportdrink in it. Niiiiiice. Got a free camoflage riding through the forrest later, hehe

So back to dry-shaving. Good if you live in an cottage without water at an race or sleeping
in a truck or car. If you can afford a hotell you probably have someone in roomservice shaving
your legs while you drink your espresso and reading the latest bike magazine.

The product works for other parts of the body also.
Buying FaceLube does not sound as cool, hehe (and not even mentioning other parts!)
* I bet 5 bucks that u thought of ass there ;)

It has not been tested on animals, so no dude has run around shaving sheep with this stuff.

Lets go down to the cents here.
First I just have to check my mail and see if my 250$ seapost that will lighten my bike with 7grams
has arrived.
-Nope, will have to continue riding my heavy ass bike.

Comparing here with Gillette because its a common known product that is available in all countries and
its a product that works good at least for me.

So one bottle of Leglube costs: 9$ (8.95$) + handling and shipping.
In Swedish krona that will be 65kr.

A can of my favorite Gillete shaving gel costs here around 40kr. What is it in $? Do the math youreself, thats why you went to school, if you didnt, call someone who did, im doing all the typing here!
The Gillette is probably cheaper in the US also.

So Leglube is 25kr more expensive here. (not including, taxes, shipping and customs)

Gillete has 200ml and leglube 100ml.
I havent gone through one bottle yet, but the Leglube is more compact and would last longer.
I dont know if it would outlast an bottle of Gillete at least 75% of an G bottle. My estimation is 60-80% regular use without being stingy with it. Lets round up 70%.

Ok, my math is soo bad (went to school, might not been there all the time) but se if i can get it right here.
Leglube: 200(ml) X 0,7 (compact factor) = 140ml (70% of 200ml),  65(kr) / 140(ml) == 0,46 kr/ml
Gillete: 40(kr) / 200 (ml) == 0,20 kr/ml
(Yearly i use around 5 bottles of G that would be : 200kr year for G and for L 461kr year)

I think it would be worth it, cmon u get an bottle that looks like chain lube =)
Now put in, handling, shipping and customs for Sweden. I dont think so!
For that money I could go down to the barber and say something cool like: I need these missiles shaved!
(dont say bombs, then you will get something else shaved!!!).

So here is my test and a full page on something useless as Shaving gel.
Or is it!

Oh yeah: Here is their website and where you can buy it: www.leglube.com

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