Back broke down again

fredag, januari 27, 2012

Yesterday I was playing squash with Alissha and it burned in my back and got really stiff.
Thought shit (actually i thought moth***ing piece of c** for fu*** back sh**).
Had the same problem i think exactly one year ago. This time its a bit better.
I can go to work and move around even it hurts and quite stiff. Getting in the car is small project.
Last year it was really bad.
I had my son also, and he woke up one night, i had to go to him. Remember the feeling, i was so
close to puke of the pain. Never before being close to that. I have crashed bad on my bike and
sometimes you that sick feeling after, but wasent close to that. If it hadn't been my soon i would
have stayed in bed, even if the apartment was on fire, just hoping the firetruck would come soon, hehe

So right now sitting like an stuffed animal on my couch.
It sucks that I was right in tuff part of training and everything was going so good.
The last years experience has tough me to rest completely, but you cant help getting stressed over getting back to training.

This bar is not moving much more this week.

Today, been to the doctor. Its a little fun to se the reaction. 
The inward curve of the lower part of my back is actually going outward slightly.
"Its going out, it really going out, it should be an inward curve".


Went to do an xray of the back also, i pretty sure its an muskel thing. But better be on the safe side.
Trying to get hold of an physiotherapist wasent the easiest  thing either. After like 15 different calls
I got time on monday. So just trying to hold up the weekend. 

The weird thing is how you think. First thought I want get  my back fixed as soon as possible so i can start train again, second thought I am in really pain and need to fix it.
Like after an bike crash, you crawl up to your bike and look at it first, ok nothing broken.
Now se legs ok, arms ok, minor bleeding and were good to go.

Well I got some wine bottles to catch up with, this might be an good weekend for that, ehhe

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