Run and Ski today

onsdag, januari 25, 2012

Had an great evening today. Read at work that they had fixed the ski tracks close to my home yesterday after the snow that had fallen this weekend. Great.

First I had my run to do, had 12km free intervalls and 3 X 100m sprints.
Started slowly with an warmup for around 3k.

Had really good legs today, went sometimes to 4.0 min/km pace and i could hold for an while.
It wasent suppost to wear out myself so kept them short. But it felt really good. Earlier i could
press myself and top att that pace. Fastest i was doing except the 100m sprints was 3.42 min/km.

I have 4 more runs this week, lets how they go. Feeling happy that im finally geting some speed.

The average pace got low because i walked between the 100 sprints. Actually i did 4 of them.
Didn't really count the first one because i had to keep an eye on the watch for 100m and mark an spot.

Came home and changed clothes and grabbed something to eat between.
Fixed the skies and went out to the ski tracks. I glad its close to home around 500m.

I hadn't skied since 2010 and my technic wasent really the best.
If you have seen Kungfu Panda, how the Panda looks doing Kungfu was about what i looked like doing ski'ing, hehe. My coordination is completely useless. Its like my left leg is saying to my right:
WTF, where are you going? Biking and snowboarding is better your body parts are fixed, ehhe

But after some laps i got the it back. =) And i didn't fall once today. The tracks wasent the best, but i was impressed what they have done with the little snow that came. Did 4 laps in an 2.1+km course.

I think the feeling of cross country skiing is awesome. Its quite , no people today and you're just gliding
around. Ok in the beginning i did some mid air unplanned kungfu moves also.  

I'll love comeing home frozen and tired with an big smile and that feeling of satisfaction =)

The Garmin FR 610 is quite accurate. Did 4 laps here. 

So have 4 more runnings this week.
Squash together with Alissha tomorrow, gona be fun.
Hopefulla some more Skiing and Ice skateing on Saturday.

Im gona be wasted on Monday, hehe

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