Slow weekend

söndag, januari 29, 2012

Had big plans plans for this weekend. The winter has came and finally time for ski'ing and ice skating on the lakes. I really look forward to it couse its usually only 1-2 month its possible around where i live.
Some years are great and you can go ski'ing for around 4 month like last year.

But hurting my back this week put an stop for it, pretty much anything except resting.
But i shouldn't complain my girlfriend took good care of me and had an nice weekend.
Watched a couple of movies and just rested. Dont know why, but getting so tired could have
sleept true the whole weekend if i wanted.

Today i went home to fix some stuff and clean at home, getting my son over tomorrow =)
Had time for an walk today also, walked down to an place called Kairo where u usually go to take
an swim in the summer. 6-7 km back and forth.


The annoying thing is that today we got this years best weather by far.
No wind 2,3 minus degrees and sun. Got my walk at least, hehe

Good thing is that my back got a lot better after.
Really hoping getting back next week at least slowly.

Even baked Muffins today, woohooo.
First time ever =)

Make 12 without sugar and 12 blueberry muffins.

Muffins, they are not burned, its blueberry, hehe

Tomorrow im going and hopefully getting my back straightened out before work.
Hope it gets well, should get back my xray of the back also, pretty sure its nothing in spine.
That would be an nightmare, but better find an problem now before it could get worse.

One week out isn't so much, just wrong timing.

Looking forward to next week with my son.
Were going sledge rideing in the snow, but i dont i will be pulling him upp the hill :/.

Lets se what the week has to give =)


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