Time trial

torsdag, juni 28, 2012

Rode a Time Trial yesterday.
There is this series of Time trial that goes every Wednesday that the cycle club next to my town has.

It really fun, the only problem for me is to get time on weekdays.
That's probably why this was the first this year. 

This was actually the first really serious cycling session for me. Been out a little more my bike lately
but mostly playing around in the woods and some JRA sessions.

On the way out it did not look so promising, the sky pretty much opened up.

Quite common view in Sweden this summer.

But when we arrived the roads had dried up and everything looked great =)

Since I dont have a TT bike i rode my Road bike, wished that I at least had some TT-bars. To the next time. 

Riding road bike against TT bikes feel a little like bringing a moped to a motorcykle race.
I was mostly there for my own training and i'm in bad need of some FTP sessions on the bike.

I set my goal to try to finish with an 35 km/h in average pace.
After crossing the finish line i looked down and got 35,4 km/h *wooho*

Quite sore legs after, they never knew what hit them ;)

Really fun to meet a lot of people i haven't in a while also =).

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