Test run, Mtb ride and a Nice day

söndag, juni 24, 2012

Today my mom came over for an visit and short trip with Anton.
So i decided to take a test run and a Mtb ride.

My knee if feeling really good, and all the tests says its ok.
Thats my problem!
I dont know what to do, everything is great until I run.
Trying all the treatments I can find for pretty much everything that has a leg involved.

Went out with some hope of breaking a new record, last one was for 3km.
Got 4kms, yeah its improving , I actually ran last k with some soreness in the knee, not really pain
but got a little sore. But i needed that last km.

Jumped in my bike cloth and took a Mtb ride, always cheers me up.
Otherwise a little anger is always good for intervalls, hehe ;) *rawwrrr*

Here is one of my favorit tracks:

Ängsjö the green 10k. 

Started with some fire roads, then jumped in the woods.
Finished with some fireroads and tarmac. Did some sprints, but overall laying just bellow my ftp.

Rest of the day was really nice.
Did some bbq with my mom and Anton, when she left, me and Anton played some soccer.
Then bike wash and went by the playground and finished off with some strawberries in the backyard =)

Ready for a new week now =)

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