Test run and a short ride

söndag, juni 10, 2012

Today i went out for a test run for my bad knee.
Haven't tried for around a week, just been resting it.

It has been feeling really good, and last Friday I were at the naprapath and he couldn't find  anything wrong with it.

So I felt quite confident and instead of running around the block i aimed for 7km run.
Stockholm 100 year Jubilee in coming up in the next month, so I must be able to run 5km now.

Started slowly and the first km felt ok around 11/2k started to feel bit stiff and at 2k it was screwed.
Couldn't take a step more, continue walking wasn't a problem.

Maybe had my hopes up a little to high...

Already missed Stockholm Marathon, looks like this is going to be a shitty year.
When the knee finally gets better i will probably have to restart the training a couple levels below of where i was.

Went of for a short ride on my road bike after.
Felt a little better, tried to take a segment on Strava but pushed way to hard in the begging
so i burned it. Semi relaxed around the rest of the ride, took around an hour. The rain was hanging in the air , but made it just in time home.

Planned to jump down to the gym after, but it closes early so i replaced the gym with an powernap, hehe
I wish you could compete in power napping. I can probably powernapp anywhere anytime.
Everyone got their talent, seems that is mine, hehe. Yeah quite useless, hehe

After the napp I jumped out at had dinner with some friends.

Yeah thats my day. Right now I am really dehydrated and tired.
Have some rehab exercises to do this evening, even if the motivation is zero with my pice of shit for knee.

Tomorrow early morning, hitting the gym before work and gym after, hopefully make an bike ride also.

Make it or break it trying!

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