MTB XC Training Alp Race

onsdag, juni 13, 2012

Today Gunnar arranged an Cross Country Mtb race in Norrtälje.
The whole day I was going back and forth if I should join Stefan up to Norrtälje.

Finally i decided to join him and stressed home to pack everything and he picked me up.
The car ride was about 1 hour up North.

Here is where the race was.

Didn't expect the race to be so hilly. This is probably the hardest race i have riden.
It was up n down the whole time. Actually really fun. Hard but fun.

Took and warmup lap first.

Race start and Gunnar, Ville and Stefan blew off like salary day.
4 of us left, one flew away also, and i rode together with one up for the first climb
Then his gear got stuck or something so I tried take of and hold it to finnish.
It amazing how much strength you can  get by seeing that your gap is increasing.
I think i rode the last laps fastest. Total race time was 1 hour. I finnished my last lap at 1.02.

I was really fun, so long time ago I raced Mtb.
The three first guys are some of the fastest in Men 40 och and Men 30 in Sweden.
 So dident bother me so much that thew flew away, hehe

I peaked my heart rate today also =)

Race pic that Gunnar took.

My 29er and Stefans 26er

Me and Stefan, Short dude, big bike. Long dude small bike


Gunnar track maker to the right.

My bike, Stefan van.

Recover on the way home

Dinner, Hey it says FAST!!

Feeling fast

Race info

Now im really tired, going to bed and hope hitting the gym before work.
Yeah, by the way I think this was my rest day ;)

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