Core and rehab

onsdag, juni 13, 2012

Quite calm day today.

Went to the gym this morning before work.
Trained Back and triceps and a longer stretch.

Planned a bike ride after work, but it rained so much so we cancelled it.
Stefan came over to my place instead and we did some core exercises instead.
I think it's great being 2. More fun and you can get help seeing that your straight in the exercises etc.

Did a test run this evening also. With a new experiment.
Around my block it's 1km. So my plan was to run 1 lap stop and stretch and do another and so on.
First went good, but on the second lap my knee started to hurt.

Crap, i'm way too hopeful. Need to realize that this summer is screwed at least for running.

Ended this evening with some rehab exercises.

Yesterday I was out with Stefan for a Mtb ride really fun.
Some fast singeltracks and some fire roads =)

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