On my way back

fredag, juni 08, 2012

This morning I went back to my naprapath to check my legs.
Everything was good, I've got all the muscles work. The only thing was that my left hamstring was extremely short. Of the scale 1-3 where 3 i great I got 0, hehe and 1 on the right one.

So i got some  new exercises to strengthen the muscles that wasn't working and some stretch exercises to get my hamstrings better.

Went out on an walk on my lunch at work. The weather right now is really weird in Sweden.
You don't know if it's gona rain or be sunny.

Lunch walk

Five weeks to Stockholm 100years Jubilee Marathon. 
Starting to get a little stressed about it. Tomorrow I will do a test run. Hopefully I can at least do  5km.

Got this pic from G+, kind of how I feel right now.

This evening me and Anton made waffles also, was really long time ago since the last time we ate them. Usually we do pancakes on Friday.
Waffle making =)

Tried Mountain Dew first time this evening also.
Wasn't missing so much before, hehe. 
Felt like caffeinated sprite. 

Got this one also, I almost scared of it, hehe:

This can't be good

The rest of this evening i'm going to do my exercises and then thinking about to "Stans" my mtb wheels. Try that out and se how it works.

Really nice with weekend, hope my son will sleep in tomorrow. =)

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