Weekend snowboarding

söndag, februari 17, 2013

Spent this weekend Snowboarding. Really fun getting back on the board.
Must been like 6-7 years since last time. Went up to small place called Rome.
Not directly the highest mountain but enough to have a nice ride.

We were 10 guys from work going there Friday to Sunday.
Awesome time both on and of the pist. 

My riding wasn't directly on top, but after few runs it got better.
Didn't do any bigjumps or anything just swooshing around.
Think i might be getting old, hehe.

Rome Alpin

Felt great coming away a couple days also.
Now ready for a new week. =)

Will try to get up one more time this year.
Next year i have to get back with my son and learn him to ski.
Maybe someone else since I never have stood on a pair, hehe

Slowest lifts in North of Europe?

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