Hard brick session

onsdag, februari 20, 2013

Had a bad start on the day, woke up really tired and decided to go swimming before work anyway.
The only thing was that i got there 7.30 and i thought it was 6.30. So just release the handbrake and
go to work instead. Good thing I noticed it or I would have ended up with the Elite swimmers, man would I feel like I sucked at swimming then, hehe.

So after work i decided to do a brick session on the trainer and running outside.

The trainer part was focused on strength 6 X 4min at low rpm. (50min total)
Almost took out all gears had one left for the future ;)

Legs was shaking so bad when getting on my running shoes on after.
But the run went really good, started slow and increased all the way. (31min)
I forgot to put on the footpod on the ice bugs after moving it to another pair of shoes for running on the treadmill yesterday so no speed data.

Not much in the legs after that run =)

Transition area

Heart rate from Trainer

Heart rate Running

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