Todays Events, Swim Run and Stockholm marathon entry

onsdag, oktober 30, 2013

Up early again and headed too the swinging pool.
Today it went much better than yesterday.
Warm upp: 400m
A couple of 100m just focusing on my technique
3 X 50 Paddles & pull buy.
3 X 50 Kick
5 X50 start every 1 min
A couple more 100m in distance speed.
Finished of  training on flip turns.
One hour in the pool today.

Registered for Stockholm Marathon today.
Thought its best to get it done before I forget and it closes.
Still aiming for 3.30. I have the speed just have to keep my injures away.
First of all have to fix my hip.

After work I went out for an run. With my hip problems that I've had the last 6 month it's not so
fun running. But working on it. Felt  a little better today and did 9km. Nothing fast thing i averaged 5.15 min/km. Always coming home with a little pain and feeling disappointed.  Far away from runner high. Meeting a new naprapath next week.

Ran by this church this evening. 

Tomorrow got 2 swim sessions morning with a friend and in the evening with my club.
Think that will enough with swim for this week.

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